Efficiency Programs

In-Home Energy Evaluation Program

PES Energize and TVA are making it easier than ever to become energy efficient while also saving money. With the new In-Home Energy Evaluation Program, you can reduce your power usage and receive a cash incentive or financing assistance for installing home energy improvements. The recommended energy-related home improvements you make are eligible for reimbursement of 50 percent of the installation cost, with an upper limit of $500, or for convenient financing.

Here’s how it works

• Call PES Energize or Conservation Services Group (CSG) at 1-866-441-1430. to schedule an audit with a TVA-certified evaluator. PES Energize charges a $75 in-home evaluation fee. If the home owner makes recommended improvements this fee will be reimbursed.

• After your home is evaluated, a report is created outlining the potential energy-efficiency modifications and available cash incentives or financing (if applicable).

• To ensure work is completed to TVA’s standards, modifications must be made by a member of the TVA Quality Contractor Network, except for self-installed measures (as allowed by your local power company). The evaluator will provide the names of qualified contractors.

• All home modifications must be completed within 90 days. Once the work is finished, it will be inspected to ensure that everything is installed properly to maximize savings.

• After the inspection, you submit receipts for the completed work to be eligible for the cash incentive. For financing, your contractor will be paid directly upon successful completion of the inspection. 

For additional information about energy right® solutions, please visit:


For more information on the In-Home Energy Evaluation Program, contact PES Energize at 931-363-2522. 

Financing options

• PES offers off-bill financing with repayment directly to Vanderbilt Mortgage. 

Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit

Just complete a “do-it-yourself” home energy audit and you’ll receive a free Energy Conservation Kit in the mail!
Home Audit KitThe kit includes:
•    2 compact fluorescent bulbs
•    Outlet & light switch gaskets
•    Filter whistle
•    2 faucet aerators
•    Hot water temperature gauge
•    Home thermometer
•    How to Save brochure

You’ll also receive a free energy audit report to help you understand where your home is wasting energy.  There are two ways to complete the energy audit.

•    Mail-In Energy Audit
•    Online Audit  

The promotion is offered through TVA and energy right®.  By using the energy kit, you will be able to reduce the amount of electricity you consume each month.  Compact fluorescents use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than traditional bulbs.  Outlet and light switch gaskets insulate to stop air leaks.  Faucet aerators save water and improve efficiency.  A filter whistle lets you know when your air filter should be changed, and the hot water temperature gauge measures the temperature of tap water to determine if the setting on your hot water heater should be lowered.