PES Focuses Tree Trimming Along Planned Routes

Pulaski Electric System (PES) maintains over 1,100 miles of primary power line throughout Giles County. In addition to the 1,100 miles of primary line, there is also over 350 miles of secondary line that extends from a primary line to customer’s homes and businesses.


Trees naturally grow up into power lines. Seven PES employees work on trimming trees and cutting down brush that is interfering with the safe and reliable use of electricity. The tree trimming and brush clearing performed by PES are sometimes misconstrued as a customer service provided to Giles County; however, the sole purpose of this work is to maintain the stability of the local power grid.


 Back in February of 2010, the PES Board adopted a vegetative management policy that states that PES will trim trees and vegetation according to the ANSI A300 standard. The policy further states that PES will remove branches and vegetation within 25 feet of a primary power line and 10 or less for a secondary line serving a home or business.


PES has dedicated one crew to trimming trees in southern Giles County, and another to trimming in northern Giles County. In addition to these two tree- trimming crews, a third crew clears brush and other ground vegetation from under the main distribution lines. Given the significant amount of trimming that must be done, PES has decided to trim along specific routes in order to reach all the primary lines over the next few years. This requires the crews to remain focused on working their assigned areas and routes, and not move off to respond to individual customer tree-trimming requests.


PES takes its responsibility to maintain the electric distribution system seriously. Tree-trimming crews will inspect and clear every line over the next few years as they make their way through the system. PES hopes its customers understand that the most effective way to trim the greatest number of lines in the least amount of time is by trimming specific routes rather than moving around responding to individual requests.

PES thanks all of its customers for their understanding in this matter.