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Serving customers since 1891

History of Pulaski Electric System

PES was established originally in 1891 as the Pulaski Light Company to provide electricity to the residents, businesses and churches near the public square of Pulaski.

By the 1930s the Pulaski Light Company was in demand to expand services to areas outside the city. With the formation of Tennessee Valley Authority, Giles County became the very first public utility to receive its power from the newly created TVA in 1935. PES operated as a Public Utility overseen by a citizens’ Board of Directors. The Board served the 840 customers of the Light Company.

With the purchase of some smaller electric lines and services PES was able to serve customers outside of Pulaski by 1939. By 1946 the Board of Mayor and Aldermen had approved the construction of 400 additional miles of electric service for rural areas of Giles County.

In 2007 the Pulaski Electric System added “PES Energize” to its name signaling a new division of PES, which includes home and commercial services for the 100% fiber optic based phone, internet and cable offered. 

The construction of the PES Energize facility at 128 South First Street in Pulaski generated a new opportunity to expand service through development of a data storage facility that enables businesses from around the world to purchase storage space in the facility’s bunker-like, weather secure building.

Today, the PES Energize Board and its leadership are working diligently to anticipate the county’s growth and future needs for power, communications and entertainment.

Established in 1891, Pulaski Electric System is Tennessee’s oldest municipal electric system and the first in the state to receive power from the Tennessee Valley Authority. You’ll find us in a sweet spot near I-65 between Nashville, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama.

PES currently provides electric power to nearly 15,000 customers in the City of Pulaski and the communities of Ardmore, Elkton, Goodspring, Lynnville, Minor Hill and Prospect. Operating and maintaining more than 1,200 miles of electric line throughout Giles County to deliver 99.98% reliability is our top priority.

PES is not only the provider of residential and commercial electric power. Additionally, PES Energize offers phone service and high-speed internet.

PES Energize is the only 100% fiber to the home network in Giles County providing high-speed internet and telephone service to residents and businesses in the City of Pulaski and to educational institutions in Giles County.

In its state-of-the-art facility in downtown Pulaski, PES Energize is also a host to secure storage and back up for business and industry online files from around the country.

You’ll find PES Energize employees actively involved in community, civic and educational events year-round.

A staff of 64 employees serve the 14,921 PES customers and 4,936 PES Energize customers, whether they are running lines to your home or business or ensuring that your internet and phone services are running as they should every day.

PES Energize is governed by a Board of Directors. Meet them HERE.

In this historic postcard picturing the Pulaski Courthouse Square as viewed from the north, looking down South First Street, the electric lines are clearly visible.

You’ll note that this telegram is dated 1934 instead of 1935. The actual date is 1935, so this was just a human error by someone who had not quite adjusted to dating documents for the new year!