Electric Power

Setting Up Your PES Electric Power Service

PES is the provider of both Residential and Commercial electric power for Giles County. As the public electric power utility, PES  maintains the above ground power lines throughout the area as well as providing the connection services to a residence or a business.

PES is committed to providing you with safe and dependable electric service. Our Customer Service Team is ready to assist you in setting up your service and with helping to assure that your payments are current.

We also provide insights through our SmartHub®  App about how much electricity you are consuming to help you conserve where and when you need to and to manage you billing and payment.

The general guidelines we have for setting up and maintaining your service are as follows:

  1. The address of the property MUST be visible from the street. You can have your street number on your mailbox or on the front of your house, but our service team MUST be able to quickly insure that they are at the right address.
  2. In establishing new service, any existing or past accounts must be paid in full. Arrangements can be made to pay half of what is owed in a prior account along with the deposit for opening the new account. However, the balance is due in full for the prior account with the first payment of the new account to avoid a disruption of service at your new address.
  3. It is the policy of the Pulaski Electric System not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, or mental or physical handicap in access to, or operation of, its programs, services and/or activities.
  4. For Residential Customers, two forms of Identification must be included with your application for service with PES.
  5. Service is established in the name of the legal owner or tenant of a property. Your application for service needs to accurately reflect the legal owner or leaseholder of the property. Should there be changes due to legal ownership changes or death, the new legal owner or tenant must make those changes to the account information on file with PES. Our Customer Service Team will help you with that transfer of account information. Call 931-363-2522.

Residential Security Deposit Information

Residential Security Deposits Pulaski Electric System will require security deposits according to the terms specified below:

A.    A minimum deposit requirement of not less than $200 is required of any residential customer.  The minium deposit is based on customer class average.  In lieu of a deposit, PES will accept a credit scoring deemed satisfactory and acceptable by PES, obtained from a credit reporting agency selected by PES.  If the credit score is not acceptable, the customer must satisfy the minimum deposit requirement by cash, check, debit or credit card payment.

B.    Additionally, a deposit may not be required for any customer who currently has service with Pulaski Electric System and who has not had any late payments, delinquent notices, disconnections, or bad checks within a two-year period immediately preceding the customer's application for new service.

C.   A customer who has an unpaid account balance with PES must pay the unpaid amount and satisfy deposit requirements in order to obtain service.

D.  Upon disconnection of service, PES may apply the deposit plus earned interest to the customer's outstanding bills and shall refund any remaining balance to the customer.  Upon written request by the customer or at the discretion of PES, the deposit, including earned interest, may be evaluated.  On an annual basis, the simple interest shall accrue at the rate of the local banks on passbook accounts on deposits held longer than twelve months.

E.  PES may refund the deposit to the customer after three years of continuous service, provided the customer has made no payments after the last date for payment, had no returned checks with PES and has not paid more than one late payment in the last 13 months.  Upon the customer's request, and at PES's sole discretion, if the customer paid a higher deposit due to a bad debt, the customer's deposit may be reduced to not less than $150 after 13 months of continuous service, provided the customer has made no payments after the last date for payment, had no returned with PES and has not paid more than one late payment in the last 13 months.

F.   PES may require any customer to establish or increase his/her deposit if the customer becomes a payment risk, declares bankruptcy, and/or it has been determined by PES that fraudulent or unauthorized use of service or equipment tampering has taken place.  Inflation, change of address, or increased use of service may also require the deposit level to be raised not less than the maximum required under this policy. This policy was amended as of October 22, 2002, to allow the residential security deposit to be waived for any customer who currently has service with Pulaski Electric System and who has not had any late payments, delinquent notices, cutoffs or bad checks within the two-year period immediately preceding the customer's application for new service. This amendment is designed to help customers when they are moving from one location to another within our system in cases where they have a good payment record with PES but do not have a score available from our credit reporting agency.

Commercial Security Deposit Information

Commercial Security Deposit

A.    A security deposit approximately equal to twice the highest monthly bill over the previous twelve months must be paid in advance to obtain electric service.  For new facilities or uses, the required deposit will be based on the contract demand and/or the estimated electrical usage.  Payment may be made by cash or check.  In lieu of a paid-in-full monetary deposit, PES will accept one of the following:

1.    An “Irrevocable Letter of Credit” for the amount of the deposit.  If the letter is for one year, it is the responsibility of the customer to see that it is renewed each year for a period of five years.  The Letter of Credit must be renewed 60 days prior to expiration.

2.    A “Customer Guaranty of Deposit” from an existing customer of PES with at least a good payment history (no more than two late payments within the past 12 months, no terminations and no returned checks).  This option is available only for accounts under 250kW.  The guaranty must be for a five-year period and must state that, upon demand by PES, the guarantor will assume responsibility for any unpaid bills as set forth in the guaranty.

3.    A new PES customer with usage that is expected to average 250kW or above may elect to receive a weekly invoice for a maximum period of 15 months.  The weekly invoice, payable within five days, will be estimated with a month-end “true-up.”  During that period, the customer will be required to maintain a deposit equal to two weeks’ usage.  If the customer’s usage increases, so will the necessary deposit amount.  A $100 monthly administrative fee will be charged to customers using this program.   Within 60 days of the expiration of the 15-month period, the customer must make arrangements to secure the deposit through one of the other approved mechanisms.  Customers utilizing this deposit program may not participate in an “interruptible,” “market day” or other variable-based rate program.

4.    Existing PES customers with a good payment history (no more than two late payments within the past 12 months, no terminations and no returned checks) will be permitted to break their deposit amount into 12 equal monthly payments.  If the customer’s usage increases, so will the necessary deposit amount.

B.    Any existing customer with usage that averages 250kW or above over a 12-month period will be required to establish and maintain a deposit equal to twice the highest monthly bill to receive electric service.  If a customer has multiple meters serving the same facility, operation, or business unit, the usage of all the meters will be totaled to determine the deposit requirement.  Payment may be made by cash, check, or by using one of the security guaranties described in paragraph A.  IRS designated not-for-profits are exempt for this requirement.

C.    Upon final termination of service, any retained cash deposit and accrued interest, if applicable, will be applied against unpaid bills of the customer.  If any balance remains after such application, said balance shall be refunded to the customer.  Interest shall accrue after 90 days, retroactive to day one.  The annual rate shall be simple interest paid by local banks on passbook accounts and change from time to time as needed.

D.    Any accrued interest will be paid at the time the deposit is refunded or at the time it is applied against a final bill.  However, upon demand by the customer, interest which has accrued through the anniversary date of deposit will be paid at any time during the following year.

E.    Except for those customers specified in paragraph B above, PES may refund the deposit to a customer upon request after five years of continuous service, provided the customer has paid all bills during the last 13 months within the net payment period and has no returned check record with PES.

F.    PES may require a customer to establish or increase his deposit if he becomes a credit risk or if inflation or increased use of service has caused the deposit to be less than the minimum required under this policy.  Any customer who appears on the service termination list for nonpayment will be considered a credit risk.

G.    Governmental entities are exempt from the requirements of this policy.

PES Payment Methods

Paying your electric or Energize bill is easy and can be done in whichever method works best for you.

  • SmartHub® online.
  • SmartHub® app for mobile phones.
  • In person at the PES Customer Service Office, Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  • By mailing a check to PO Box 368 Pulaski, Tennessee 38478.
  • Major credit card.
  • Auto-deduct program authorizing PES Energize to deduct payments from your bank account.
  • PaySite Kiosk.
  • By phone.
  • Online Bill Pay through your bank's online payment system. Warning: initiate any payments through this system at least a week in advance. Payments through online banking may not arrive at PES before your due date using this method.


New to the Area?

New residents to the area or new businesses will be required to establish an account with PES. There is a short application to establish your account. You may also want to consider having PES provide you with all of your services for electricity, phones, cable television and internet. Our Customer Service Team is happy to help you with that. They can be reached by calling 931-363-2522. A description of current rates for residential electrical hook ups can be found by clicking HERE.

Letter of Credit for Construction

For charges owed to PES associated with construction, payment must be made prior to work being performed. An irrevocable letter of credit from a lending institution may be used to delay payment until the work is completed by PES.

Electric Power Service for New Construction

If you are building a new home or business we can help you in many ways if you will contact us when you are still in the planning stages. Sometimes we are able to identify cost savings in how power will reach you that can be accommodated if we meet with you early. Secondly, sometimes, there are lines that are buried on your land that you need to be aware of before you dig – even for landscaping once the building is complete. To set up a planning meeting, call 931.363.2522 to meet with our Engineering Team.

Whether you are building a new residence or commercial property on land that has never had service or on land that has had service for an older structure, you will need assistance from PES Energize as an Aid to Construction. There are charges for new or upgraded services. There are no charges if services are needed to repair existing lines such as damage from wind, rain, fire or other disasters.

For general upgrades or to run completely new service, the following guidelines apply:

New Lines

Each customer requesting electric service at a facility requiring a new overhead or underground installation shall receive an initial construction credit based on the facility’s class of service. The customer will be responsible for all calculated charges exceeding the amount of the construction credit. Also, the customer will be responsible for furnishing and installing an approved meter base and point of connection according to NESC, NEC and PES guidelines.The per-class credit will be recalculated from time-to-time based on PES’ latest analysis of the average investment in distribution line and service installation per customer for each rate class.

Current credits are listed below:

  • Residential Service – $2,000
  • Commercial Service < than 15,000kWh and/or 50kW per month – $2,000
  • Commercial Service between 50kW and 249kW – $20,000
  • Commercial Service over 250kW – Refer to Power Contract

Upgrades to Existing Lines

Each customer requesting an upgrade to an existing electric service (including increase the size of the electrical service, replacing an aerial service with an underground installation or moving from a single phase service to a three phase service) will be required to pay 50% of the calculated charges assessed by PES.

The customer will be responsible for all work necessary past PES’ point of connection.

Furthermore, if electing to install underground service, the customer is responsible for all trenching, conduit and concrete work needed for the underground installation.

Upgrade fees for Commercial customers with usage over 250kW will be negotiated separately and may be included in the customer’s power contract.

Changes Involving a Subdivision

For the purposes of this policy, a subdivision is a residential development of five or more parcels divided into lot sizes of five acres or less and described within a surveyed plat recorded with the Register of Deeds.

PES will install the primary aerial line within the development free of charge for subdivisions with maximum lot sizes of one and half acres or less.

If the subdivision has lot sizes between one and half and three acres, then the developer will be responsible for 25% of the calculated charges for installing the aerial primary line within the subdivision. If the lot sizes are larger than three acres, the developer will be responsible for 50% of the calculated charges for installing the primary lines within the subdivision.

Regardless of the lot size, PES has the right to require the developer to cover the cost of bringing electric service to the subdivision.

Additionally, regardless of lot size, if the developer wishes to install the subdivision’s primary line underground, they will be responsible for 50% of the calculated charges.

The cost of the service from the subdivision’s primary line to the residence shall be paid according to the New Service section described elsewhere in this policy.

PES reserves the right to modify the customer-required contribution for large or unusual subdivisions.

Renting – Info for Tenants and Landlords

Landlord Automatic Meter Transfer Agreement – Landlords of both commercial and residential properties frequently do not want power completely shut off between a move out of a tenant and the moving in of the new one. We are happy to set up an account with you to assure that power is always on regardless of occupancy. The advantage to setting this up in advance is that transfer fees for moving the service in and out of your name are waived when the Automatic Meter Transfer Agreement is in place to protect you. Please contact our Customer Service Team at 931-363-2522 to initiate the Automatic Meter Transfer Agreement.

Tenant-Landlord Service Agreement – Many people plan to rent a home of business property. You will need to discuss with your landlord whether your rent payment will include electric service. If it does not, there is a form that your landlord needs to fill out and, of course, you will need to set up your account with PES Energize. To set up your account call our Customer Service Team at 931-363-2522.