Q & A

Internet Questions

Internet Expansion/Grant Updates:

Completed Projects:

  • Capacity has been increased to serve all customers in the Stone Creek area.
  • The fiber build to customers in the Flatrock area has been complete. Customers in that area can now signup for our internet service.
  • Capacity has been increased to serve all customers in the Poling Drive/ Timber Ridge areas. Customers can now signup for our service
  • The fiber build out to customers in The View/ Rambling Ridge area has been complete. Customers in that area can now signup for our service.
  • Aymett Ridge/Ables areas have been completed. Customers in that area can now signup for our service.
  • Oak Grove Area:  The Oak Grove Road buildout is complete as of 11/2023. If you live on Oak Grove Road you now have access to our high-speed internet service. Call us today at 931-363-2522, Option 3.

In Progress:

  • Phase 1: Phase 1 of the grant area is now open for customers to add their names to waiting list. We expect to start connecting customers in that area at the beginning of 2024. Customers that are committed to our service can add their names to the waiting list by emailing bbsupport@pesenergize.com
  • Phase 2: Vegetation and Pole changes have been completed in Phase 2 of the grant area.


What Areas Will the Grant Cover?

The grant expansion has been broken down into four phases. Please click here to see if your address falls into the grant areas. To stay up-to-date on the fiber expansion, please signup for updates at the bottom of the page.


Did PES Energize receive state grant funds?

Yes! PES Energize is amongst the award recipients receiving $23,161,638.53 in grant funding from the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund (TEBF-ARP). The project will provide internet to over 3,000 residents in the county.

For PES the next step is to have our contracted Fiber Engineering Company complete a detailed engineering plan. The project will be performed in phases as recommended by the Engineering firm.

Within the next three years, the majority of the county will have access to high-speed fiber internet. PES Energize is very excited for the citizens of Giles County.

Power Questions

How does fuel cost impact my bill?

Electricity is made many ways, and each way has costs that can change such as coal and gas plants. Coal and gas plants have fuel costs that can change fairly rapidly, but they are able to generate power 24 hours a day, seven days a week in any kind of weather. Renewable energy (hydro, solar, wind) does not have fuel cost, but it’s only available some of the time because the sun doesn’t always shine, the wind doesn’t always blow, and droughts impact hydro generation.

What makes my electric bill so high sometimes?

Your power bill is made up of two basic components: the rate and the amount of power you use.  Although TVA’s wholesale power rate doesn’t change month-to-month, the cost of the fuel needed to supply power can change your bill. What really makes a difference is how much power you use, which is usually tied directly to temperature.

How can we save money on our electric bills?

Taking a few simple actions can add up to a lot of savings. Turn up your thermostat just one degree. Keep your windows covered on the sunny side of the house. During the hot parts of the day (generally 2 – 6 p.m.), avoid using the oven, clothes dryer and dishwasher whenever possible – these appliances tend to heat up your home. Go to the TVA EnergyRight website for more power savings tips or to schedule a home energy evaluation.