Frequently Asked Questions


Rural Utilities Service (RUS) Grant:

The public comment period has closed, and the next milestone will be notification of the grant winners.

Location: PES’s application is in the Northwest part of the county in the Federally identified “Socially Vulnerable” area. In general, this is west of Hwy 31 and north of Hwy 64.

Project Cost: The project is just over 11 million dollars; 100% funded by the Federal Government.

Time Frame: Hopefully notification will be in July.  Final engineering will then be completed and bid specifications will be released. The anticipated completion date is 2 years, subject to change due to supply and contractor limitations. The Government will confirm the deadline.


Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund (TEBF) Grant:

The public comment period has closed.

Location: The PES service area minus current served areas and a previously awarded grant area southeast of Minor Hill.

Project Cost: The full project is 50.8 Million dollars; 70% funded by the State of Tennessee; for the remaining 15.24 million (30%) the Giles County Commission has voted to provide up to 3.5 Million; the remainder will be provided by PES.

Time Frame: Notification of grant winners will be the end of July / first of August. Final engineering will begin; bids will be requested. Completion date is 3 years.



Why does my cable keep going out?

PES Energize is continuously looking in to the current issues. We believe there’s a network connection problem between Pulaski and our supplier in Jackson, TN causing channels to freeze, buffer, and pixilate.



What is PES doing about it?

Our Energize Support team is working directly with our suppliers to get this issue resolved. We will host a series of maintenance outages over the next few weeks to make some changes in an effort to correct the ongoing issues.

What is the Difference Between Internet and Wi-Fi?