PES Energize is an active part of the Giles County community we all share. Our teams are plugged in to community events and schools. You will be able to stay in touch with the activities, training and educational sessions our teams conduct. We also regularly post tips for conserving electricity to help you manage your monthly bills to help you decrease your electric bills.

Or you may find news here about new channels being added to your TV packages and there will be news about High Definition channels that will enhance the way you watch your favorite programs. You may find news about phone service features. Sometimes you’ll even find new apps you can download to keep you in touch with your email, phone calls and even your utility usage.

And, if you haven’t already done it, download the SmartHub® App to your smart phone or computer so that you can watch your energy use, pay your bill online and even let us know if there is an outage or a downed line that needs fixing!

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PaySite® Kiosk A New Way To Pay

Safe and Secure Bill Pay 24 Hours A Day PES Energize customers entering the lobby after hours now have a new way to pay. The night drop box has been replaced with a PaySite® Kiosk. The PaySite® Kiosk is a secure and convenient way to pay a PES electric or PES Energize...

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The Truth About Recent Cable Price Increases

Setting the Record Straight About the Recent Cable Price Increases PES Energize would like to set the record straight about misinformation regarding the recent cable TV price increase. PES Energize sent out a postcard to active cable subscribers about a price increase...

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How Can I Benefit From Advanced Metering

Advanced Metering Benefits PES began deploying advanced metering technology in Giles County in 2008. From time to time, PES customers ask questions about their meters. "What is an Advanced Meter?" "How does Advanced Metering benefit me?" Over the past ten years, the...

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Hurt Man Rescue 2018 with PES Lineman Clayton Mullins

Enjoy the blue skies and the "room with a view!" Join PES Journeyman Lineman Mullins as he makes his annual Hurt Man Rescue 2018 recertification run. With a GoPro camera strapped to his hard hat, Mullins swiftly climbs up a 40 foot PES pole. Using his...

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