$3M Investment in IP South Substation On Schedule

March 2018 marked the beginning of a two-year, $3M investment by PES in the Industrial Park (IP) South substation located on the Elkton Highway. The IP South substation was originally constructed in 2005 as a temporary measure. It currently serves as a 10 MegaWatt (MW) substation pulling an average of 3MW. The upgrade to a 20MW substation will serve to support the continual and future growth of Industrial Park South and the surrounding communities.

The IP South substation is expected to be complete before the end of the year according to PES Director of Operations Kirby Parr. According to Parr, “the upgrade will be a 20MW base station with redundant three-phase transformers that can be utilized at the same time in order to improve reliability and flexibility.”

PES has progressively served Giles County residential and commercial customers since 1891. PES is Tennessee’s oldest municipal electric system and the first in the state to receive power from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Giles County is conveniently located near I-65 between Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama. Learn more about PES’s commitment to the economic development of Giles County. Available support can be found by visiting Business Partnerships.

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