Billing & Payments

At PES You have Payment Choices

Billing and timely collections of payments from Pulaski Electric System and PES Energize customers is vital to continuing the reliable and safe electric power you use each and every day at your homes and offices. Assuring you the continued and uninterrupted service you have come to expect is our primary partnership responsibility in building a vibrant future for all of us who live and work in Giles County. Our commitment from the Power Board and each of our staff members is to be good stewards of our supply of electricity and carefully maintain the power lines that bring this vital resource to you. Billing is the way in which we pay for the service that all of us have come to expect.

Pay Your Way!

Payment for both PES and PES Energize can be made with any major credit or debit card. Your card information can be easily stored on SmartHub® on the web or mobile app. You can also stop in at the PES office to pay by with cash, check or credit/debit card at the Kiosk, or you are welcome to pay by phone with a call to our customer service office. The best way to assure that your billing payment is never late is to arrange for PES to auto-draft your bank account. Our Customer Service Team is happy to assist you in setting up an auto-draft payment so that on the date you select, PES Energize will automatically withdraw the exact amount you owe for your electric or broadband services.

PES Payment Methods

Paying your electric or Energize bill is easy and can be done in whichever method works best for you.

  • SmartHub® online.
  • SmartHub® app for mobile phones.
  • In person at the PES Customer Service Office, Monday - Friday between 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  • By mailing a check to PO Box 368 Pulaski, Tennessee 38478.
  • Major credit card.
  • Auto-deduct program authorizing PES Energize to deduct payments from your bank account.
  • PaySite Kiosk.
  • By phone.
  • Online Bill Pay through your bank's online payment system. Warning: initiate any payments through this system at least a week in advance. Payments through online banking may not arrive at PES before your due date using this method.


PaySite® Kiosk

The PaySite® Kiosk has replaced the night drop box in the front vestibule. The kiosk is one of the fastest, easiest ways to pay your PES electric or PES Energize broadband bill with cash, credit card or check.

• This Kiosk recognizes your account number(s).
• Please have your PES or PES Energize account number(s) or your bill statement(s) in order to make your payment.
• Payments made are immediately posted to your account.
• If you do not know your account number, Customer Service can provide you with a card with that information.
• This kiosk only accepts cash, check, debit cards, or credit cards. It does not accept money orders.
• This kiosk does not give change. Payments made over the statement amount will be applied as a credit to your account.
• PES electric payments and PES Energize payments will need to be submitted as individual transactions.
• If you know the phone number and the last four digits of the social security number associated with the account number, please input this information when prompted. This will help our Customer Service department in the event your payment needs to be researched.
• If you do not know the phone number or last four digits of the social security number associated with the account, please input a “1” in each section. You will still be able to make your payment.

Put the Power In Your Hands

PES PowerPay is a new pre-paid option PES is offering to pay your electric bill. Traditionally, you are sent a bill to pay for the energy you’ve already used. You will no longer receive a paper or electronic bill as your electric usage is charged to your account daily. There is no minimum payment after PES PowerPay account is established unless it is disconnected. You will be responsible for monitoring your usage and making a payment before the balance drops below zero.

Monitor your usage daily via our SmartHub® app. You will receive an email or text (or both) to alert you when your balance gets below $25.00. If your account falls below zero, it will be disconnected. Service will be restored, typically within 15-30 minutes once a payment has been made on SmartHub® (web or app), at our office (during business hours), or at our front lobby kiosk 24 hours a day.

• Say goodbye to traditional deposits, monthly bills, late fees and reconnect fees.
• Control how much you spend on electricity when you monitor your usage.
• Save energy and money!
• Pay what you want, when you want.
• Make payments that fit YOUR schedule
• No deposits, late or reconnect fees!
• Set-up a Deferred Payment plan for previous account balances or unbilled usage.

Download Detailed Instructions HERE

Level Your Bill

Billing can vary widely through the year. We know that depending on whether you heat your home with natural gas, your electric billing can be significant during the coldest months of the year. To prevent surprises, PES is happy to “level your bill”. When this happens, the Customer Service Team will look at your usage history during a year and project your likely usage for the year to come. These bills are averaged so that you pay roughly the same amount of money each month. It means that you will pay more than what your charges would have been in low usage months and you will pay less than what you actually would have been billed in the expensive winter or summer months.


Select Your Due Date

In a continued effort to assist customers with making billing payments on time each and every month, the PES Customer Support team will work with residential customers to pick from one of four dates each month (7th, 14th, 21st or 28th) to make your bill due. Selective Due Date billing helps people arrange a due date with paydays in mind, assuring that cash flow is in an account to allow customers to make timely billing payments. The guidelines for selecting a date that might work better with your cash flow must be within 14 days of your original due date.

When making this change, PES will read the meter on the newly selected due date and a bill will be generated to reflect the time period between the last billing period and the new date. That will will arrive on the new billing date. The next bill will then be reset based on the newly selected date and will reflect the customer’s actual usage during those days. Bills are not prorated. This will result in 2 months of bills arriving relatively close together in time and customers must be prepared to pay those costs for the start of the program. After the initial adjustment bill and the first regular bill, customers will again receive one bill each month.

Residential customers participating in this program must also have no outstanding balance and no history of billing related discontinued service for the past 24 months. Should the change of date for the billing cycle not result in timely payments, PES may return the customer to the original billing cycle.

Sales Tax Exemptions

Tax Exempt customers are required to provide the appropriate form from the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Your exemption form must clearly list the type of exempt status for which your business is entitled. No credits or waivers will be awarded for sales tax exemptions until this documentation has been submitted, and there will be no refunds issued should charges have been generated prior to your business submitting this documentation.

Payment Assistance

If you, or someone you know, is having trouble paying for electricity, you may contact South Central Human Resources at (931) 363-5382 and located at 923 E. College Street, Suite 104 or the Giles County Help Center at (931) 363-8655 and ask about their support program

Returned Checks

PES encourages you to send checks quickly in the billing cycle if you are planning to send your check through the U.S. Mail in order to avoid a late receipt. There are also penalties associated with returned checks. Fees will apply for returned checks regardless of the reason. PES will, however, reduce the service fee if payment is made prior to the return of the check. Should a customer have two returned checks within a thirteen month period, the customer will need to initiate a different payment method for a period of twelve months before checks will again be accepted as a method of payment.

Partial Payments

A customer may be allowed to pay a portion of his/her electric bill to avoid interruption of service. The following guidelines must be met to participate in the program.
A. Current residential customers with at least two months of consecutive payment history without delinquency, disconnection or bad checks are eligible for this plan. Customers with at least 12 months of consecutive payment history, and no more than two payments paid after the last date for payment, may also participate.
B. The customer must pay at least one-half of the total bill no later than the last date for payment, another quarter of the balance within seven days following the last date for payment, and the final quarter of the balance within the another seven days. If partial payment is made after the regular due date, the total amount will include appropriate fees.
C. The partial payment plan may be used four times within a twelve month period.
D. Customers on Budget Billing or Levelized Billing are not eligible for the partial payment program.
E. Customers using the partial payment plan must sign a payment agreement before the plan is effective. Agreements may be made only with the customer of record. Proof of identification is required. Failure to meet the partial payment plan agreement will result in disconnection, additional service charges, and require a deposit if the customer wishes to reconnect his/her service. Also, the customer will be ineligible to participate in the plan for 12 months.