No Dead Zones with PES Energize Phone Service

Stay in touch with family and friends when you subscribe to PES Energize residential phone service. Signal “dead zones” in your home are no longer a problem when you’re talking on PES Energize’s VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service. PES Energize offers local and unlimited long distance in all 50 United States and Canada. Plus you’ll enjoy all of the following phone features:

Call Waiting

Call Forwarding

Three-Way Calling

Speed Dialing

Selective Call Forward

Call Block

Call Return

Anonymous Call Rejection


Do Not Disturb

Any of these features can be easily disabled if you do not want to use them.

Access Your Phone Account

Access your PES Energize Phone Account and change features, listen to voicemail and review your phone usage. Your USER NAME is your phone number ( If you forget your password, PES Energize Technical Support is available to manually reset your password by calling 931-363-2522, option 3.

Phone Service Monthly Rates


Residential Telephone Service: $34.95
Additional Phone Line: $16.00


Commercial Telephone Service: $39.95
Additional Phone Line: $21.95
Hosted PBX – SIP Trunking – PRI Services Available
Call for additional details and information


411 calls are billed additionally at $1.25 each
Operator Assisted “O” calls are billed at $3.50 each.
International calls will be billed based on the country called.


Energize Staff helping customer

For all PES Energize services, call 931-363-2522, Select Option 3. 

Please download our PES Energize New Customer Packet for our Terms & Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, Phone Addendum, Privacy Policy and Deposit Policy.

Use Our Phone Guide for Setting Up Features

PES Energize Phone Guide will quickly help you set-up the following features available with our service:

Anonymous Call Rejection Call Block Call Forward Call Return
Call Waiting Caller ID Do Not Disturb Find Me
Selective Call Forwarding Speed Dial Three-Way Calling Voicemail
Voicemail Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) Voicemail to Email