Energy Solutions

TVA EnergyRight for Home or Business

TVA and PES have teamed up to help you manage energy usage more efficiently for your home or business. TVA EnergyRight offers varying levels of energy assessments to assist you in making an informed decision as to what energy solution is right for you. Financial assistance is also available for some electrification projects.

Let TVA EnergyRight help you sort out the best solutions for your home or business—and even get incentives for making the best choices. Everyone wants to be smarter about the ways they use energy. Save money and get savvy by employing efficiency measures where they make most sense, and choosing electricity where it’s the most economical and environmentally friendly option.

Complete a do-it-yourself home energy audit here.

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Renewable Energy

Want to do your part to support clean, renewable energy? Want to reduce your carbon footprint?

Learn more about residential and commercial programs by clicking the solar panel photo on the right.

Renewable offerings:

Dispersed Power

Green Switch

Green Connect

Virtual Solar Education

Solar Calculator

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