Construction Guidelines

Call us to Review Construction Guidelines for Your Project

PES needs to be contacted early in your planning process for any new construction. Whether you are planning to build a new home or an entire subdivision- and even if you are undertaking a major remodel to an existing home, PES will need to review your plans to help you avoid any extra construction costs. Commercial building project managers will need to meet with the PES engineering team as soon as you have your basic plans. PES will assist you in insuring that you have met building requirements. And,for new construction, we will work with you to assure that we are able to supply electricity to your site during construction. Generally, the earlier in the process you meet with us, the more helpful we can be in helping you avoid mis-steps in new construction.

In general terms, PES Energize shall provide electrical service for new construction subject to the following conditions:

  1. The standard service furnished by PES for all classes of customers shall be single-phase, 60 hertz alternating at a nominal voltage of 120/240 volts. At the discretion of PES, single-phase service at a nominal voltage of 120/208 volts may be supplied.
  2.  Three-phase, 60 hertz alternating current may be furnished by PES where sufficient capacity in existing facilities is available.
  3.  PES has an upfront design and staking fee of $200. Aid to construction charges may also apply for new installations and upgrades to service, depending on service size and distance from PES facilities.These charges are based on PES operating policy 2-26.
  4.  Where multiple delivery points to a single customer are combined into a single metering point at the request of the customer, the customer shall either purchase and operate all facilities beyond the metering point or pay to PES a monthly equipment rental charge based upon the cost of the installed plant beyond the metering point.

Call 811 Before you Dig

 It's Free! It's Easy! It's the Law!

Find out where underground utility lines are buried BEFORE you dig! Anyone planning to dig in Tennessee MUST call 811 BEFORE your work begins. You will need to provide information about the work site when you call 811.

PES reminds everyone that whether your project is a small landscaping update, a large renovation or  a new construction project, one of the worst mistakes is not identifying exactly where lines are buried on the property! And, there may be more buried than you realize. Avoid the costly and potentially dangerous mistakes associated with accidentally unearthing your underground power, gas, cable, phone and water lines. You may also have irrigation water lines or even long buried electrical fencing conduits. 811 can help you locate these lines and avoid cutting through them or accidentally unearthing them.