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Say goodbye to traditional deposits, month bills, late fees and reconnect fees.

Switch to prepay for as little as $100! Prepay allows you to pay as you use electricity. Traditionally, you are sent a bill to pay for the energy you’ve already used. You will no longer receive a paper or electronic bill as your electric usage is charged to your account daily.

There is no minimum payment after the prepaid account is established unless it is disconnected.* You will be responsible for monitoring your usage and making a payment before the balance drops below zero.

If your account falls below zero, it will be disconnected. Service will be restored, typically within 15-30 minutes once a payment has been made on SmartHub® (web or app), at our office (during business hours), or at our front lobby kiosk** 24 hours a day.

How it Works

New Customers

$100 minimum to get connected

$35 is applied to connect fee$65 is applied to an energy credit CUSTOMERS WITH PREVIOUS ACCOUNT BALANCE $100.00 minimum to get connected $35 is applied to connect fee$32 is applied to an energy credit $32.50 is applied to deferred payment arrangement

Monitor your usage daily via our SmartHub® app. You will receive an email or text (or both) to alert you when your balance gets below $25.


Existing Customers

$100 minimum to get connected

Pay in full all pre-existing fees and current account balance and have a $100 energy credit.ORSetup Deferred Payment Plan for unbilled usage. With $100 minimum payment to switch:50% ($50.00) is applied to DPP until paid in full 50% ($50) is applied to an energy credit



  • Control how much you spend on electricity when you monitor your usage.
  • Save energy and money!
  • Pay what you want, when you want.
  • Make payments that fit YOUR schedule
  • No deposits, late or reconnect fees!

*If account reaches zero and is disconnected, you must pay balance owed and have a $25 credit or balance owed plus $50 if the account has a deferred payment arrangement to restore service. **Kiosks accept cash (no coins), checks, debit and credit cards (American Express not accepted). Change is not given, customer will receive a credit to their account.