Notice of Increase

Since early 2019, PES Energize has seen a dramatic 13% rise in the cost of video programming. As a result of the rising cost, PES Energize must adjust its video package pricing. While rate increases are not pleasant for anyone, it is imperative to the company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 931-363-2522.

We truly appreciate your business and THANK YOU for CHOOSING PES Energize!

Effective January 2020, the Energize video rates will be as follows:

Energize Rates/Rate Sheet Update

Packages                                             Increase                                              New Price

Analog Basic – Residential                            $2.00                                                     $81.75

Analog Basic – Commercial                          $10.00                                                   $89.75

Digital Plus – Residential                               $6.00                                                     $97.95

Digital Plus – Commercial                             $10.00                                                   $101.95

Digital Bronze – Residential                         $7.00                                                     $112.05

Digital Bronze – Commercial                        TBD                                                        TBD

Digital Silver – Residential                            $12.00                                                   $125.85

Digital Silver – Commercial                           TBD                                                        TBD

Digital Gold – Residential                              $20.00                                                   $142.15

Digital Gold – Commercial                            $27.00                                                   $149.15