Email Notice About Server Clean-Up Sent Out Friday, May 11

PES Energize IT is in the process of cleaning up old email accounts from the server. Please reply to the email sent by Todd Hoffman by June 30 to confirm your email account.
If we do not receive a reply from you, you will receive two additional notifications. Thank you!
Dear PES Customer,
Your RESPONSE to this message by June 30, 2018 is necessary to preserve YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT. Not replying will cause your email account and contents to be DELETED from our server.
Your REPLY must include the correct name and billing address (found on your monthly bill) to identify yourself as an active PES Energize customer and keep your e-mail account active.
PES Energize is in the process of cleaning up our mail servers. Accounts no longer in use, or still in use by individuals who are no longer PES Energize customers, will be DELETED.
***If you are one of our valued COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS, you are still receiving this to identify unused accounts of former employees. Just reply. No additional information is needed.***
If you are still using a “” e-mail address, but are no longer a PES Energize customer, there are many free options available that are independent of your internet provider. These will allow you to keep your e-mail address, even if you relocate to a new area and change internet providers. Gmail is an easy choice because it integrates well with mobile phones, as does Outlook using the free Outlook mail app.
Here are a few examples.
We are also happy to have you back as a PES Energize customer. As always, there are no contracts or requirements to bundle services to get our competitive rates. Come by the PES Office to test drive our AMAZING 60 Mbps fiber-to-the-home internet service and see the clarity of our Video Picture.
Thank you for your quick response. We look forward to serving you as a valued PES Energize customer.