Magotteaux incentive check presentation

On Wednesday, June 12, PES and TVA presented Magotteaux with the largest Energy Right incentive check in the Valley. Through the Energy Right Solutions for Business & Industry program, PES and TVA were able to help incentivize the purchase of two new electric furnaces for the Pulaski plant.  The program has evolved over the years from rebates to electrification incentives with hopes of encouraging end use customers to consider purchasing electric equipment.

Magotteaux had been looking to replace their old arc furnaces with something more efficient, so they reached out to their account manager, Tamieka Russell, at PES to ask about any programs that might be available. She informed them about the electrification incentives that might be available through the Energy Right program that TVA and PES partner together to offer.  The rest is history.

Danny Kermicle said, “Magotteaux would like to thank TVA and Pulaski Electric for offering industrial incentive programs.  The reliable power from PES and incentive programs like these help keep us competitive.  Tamieka Russell and Richard Kelley were very instrumental in Magotteaux being awarded this incentive.  They have been nothing but first class to work with and I can honestly say we have a true partnership.”

Richard Kelley, CEO, and Tamieka Russell, Customer Relations/Account Manager, both expressed their appreciations for having a great partnership with Magotteaux as well as having them as part of the community. Chris Templeton, TVA CS Manager, says, “This is what it’s all about – Partnership and helping existing business thrive.”

If you are planning to purchase new equipment or even forklifts, contact Tamieka Russell at PES to see if your project qualifies for an incentive. She can be reached at 931-363-7037 or via email at