The supply chain for materials commonly used in our industry has been under duress for many months and the electric system devastation from the tornadoes across four states severely impacted the availability of supplies.

Please be assured that PES is making every effort to maintain materials and inventory to keep all projects on schedule. However, pad mount transformers cannot be ordered at this time. To ensure quality of service to existing homes and businesses, we are prioritizing our current material supply for service maintenance and replacement.

As a precaution, we are informing you that we may be unable to provide timely electrification of future developments. Thus, we advise delaying developments that are not already under construction or exploring alternative solutions until we are able to ensure an adequate supply of transformers.

We will continue to monitor our suppliers for any sign of an uptick in available materials and work to communicate the change. Meanwhile, please keep in contact with Kirby Parr ( or Tamieka Russell ( for updates.