PES Energize 12th birthday

Happy 12th Birthday to PES Energize! On March 23, 2007, in an effort to take advantage of Pulaski, Tennessee’s unique location, PES launched its state-of-the- art 100% fiber-optic network known as PES Energize. With a direct fiber-optic cable option, PES Energize provides lightning-fast internet access, digital cable TV, and full-featured telephone services to homes and businesses.  PES Energize also operates a state-of-the-art data center that is housed within a storm-proof bunker. This facility is used by PES and outside businesses to house mission-critical data.

PES Energize internet is a valuable tool in attracting new industry to our community.  PES Energize recently expanded bandwidth to meet the demand of ever-increasing data needs. Our competitive internet offerings require no contracts to be signed and don’t impose data caps.

Reliability, along with quality customer service is our number one goal. When you need help, our technical support staff is customer-facing during regular business office and by phone 24 hours a day. Do you need assistance with your router? No worries. Drop it off and one of our friendly team members will assist you…at no charge!

In order to provide industry-leading clarity over the system’s fiber infrastructure, PES Energize video services have been upgraded to state-of-the art IPTV. PES Energize is the only cable provider that continues to offer “no box required” cable TV in response to the needs of our customers. We listen! Twenty-channel Energize Lite digital was recently rolled out from requests for a local channels only option. Again, in response to our customers, look for a “no box” analog option to be available by Summer 2019.

In addition to traditional commercial and residential telephone services, PES Energize telephone provides advanced services such as PRI, SIP, and hosted PBX.

Contact Andy or Josh at 931-363-2522, and select option three for additional information.