PES Energize has been awarded a $23.1M grant for fiber broadband expansion as part of a $446,770,282 grant package for expansion of internet across Tennessee.

PES Energize is amongst the award recipients receiving $23,161,638.53 in grant funding from the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund (TEBF-ARP).  Giles County officials elected to commit local funds toward the project as well as PES Energize contributing, bringing the total expansion budget to a little over $33M. The project will provide internet to over 3,000 residents in the county.

“We are very pleased to be receiving the much needed grant funds and ready to get to work building out fiber internet to the underserved citizens in Giles County, says PES Energize’s CEO, Scott Newton.

Newton went on to say, “While PES Energize is excited to be receiving the grant, we are more excited for the citizens of Giles County. Within the next three years, the majority of the county will have access to high-speed fiber internet.”

If you currently live in Northern Giles County and receive electricity from Duck River, you will be in the United Project area.  If you live in the central portion of the county and receive electricity from PES, you will be in the PES project area. If you are in the southern part of the county, either Ardmore Telephone Company or PES will provide your internet service.

What is next?

For PES the next step is to have our contracted Fiber Engineering Company complete a detailed engineering plan. A high-level plan was completed for the grant application, but now it’s time to literally get into the weeds. The project will be performed in phases as recommended by the Engineering firm.

Once the first phase details have been completed, PES will request bids for the labor and material. The material will be ordered ASAP once a company is selected, as the current for delivery time is 9 months and expected to lengthen. Once the material arrives, the contractors will begin installation. PES will likely utilize two crews to ensure the expansion is complete within the State’s deadline of August 2025. Once construction is completed in an area, PES crews will begin installing residents.  If you have not heard, PES will also be providing the use of a Gigaspire (fancy Router, parental controls, etc.) to each customer.

In the meantime?

PES will be moving forward with the three previously planned fiber projects – Walmart, Flatrock, and Aymett Ridge. This month, PES will be working on the Walmart area including the Stonecreek subdivision adding additional service. The Flatrock area will then soon follow the Walmart project. PES has ordered equipment for the Aymett Ridge area and will begin construction shortly after it is received.

Grant Road Names
2nd Waco St Choates Creek Rd Harwell Hollow Rd Mize Rd Rufus Campbell Rd
Abernathy Rd Christian Rd Haywood Creek Rd Moore Rd Sands Hollow Rd
Ables Ln Church St Helms Rd Moore Hollow Rd Scenic Dr
African Hollow Rd Circle Dr Hidden Hills Rd Moss Rd Scenic Hills Rd
Agnew Rd Clear Creek Rd Hidden Hollow Rd Mt Olive Cemetery Rd School Rd
Akers Ln Clear Creek Cir High St Muck Hollow Rd Scoggins Rd
Al Roman Rd Clifton Cemetery Rd Hight Rd Muckle Branch Rd Scott Rd
Alf Harris Rd Cobb Ln Highway 64 Munro Rd Service Road
Allen Aymett Rd Cobb Subdivision Rd Hollow Branch Rd Myers Rd Shady Ln
Allen Murray Rd Columbia Hwy Holt Rd Nancy Green Ridge Rd Sheila Frost Dr
Allison Dr Compton Hollow Rd Holt Hollow Rd Nelson Rd Short School Rd
Alsup Rd County Hwy 1836 Horne Hill Rd Newman Rd Side Rd
Amos Hamlett Rd County Hwy 73 Hughey Hollow Rd Odd Fellows Hall Rd Silver Creek Rd
Angus Watts Rd County Hwy 932 Hurricane Creek Rd Old Agnew Rd Silverado Trl
Anne Wade Rd Coy Rd Indian Creek Rd Old Apple Hill Rd Slim Owens Rd
Annie Wade Rd Crescent View Rd Industrial Blvd Old Bee Line Rd Smith Hill Rd
Apple Brunch Crescent View Cut Off Industrial Loop Rd Old Campbellsville Rd Smith Hollow Rd
Apple Hill Rd Crestwood Dr Inman Rd Old Highway 31 Solomon Rd
Appleton Rd Curtis Rd Inman Ridge Rd Old Highway 64 Spring St
Ardmore Ridge Rd Cutoff Rd Jack Rd Old Railroad Rd State Hwy 11
Aymett Ridge Rd Dave Risner Rd JD White Ln Old Stage Rd State Hwy 129
Ball Hollow Rd Dento Rd Jimmy Suggs Dr Oliver Branch Rd State Hwy 15
Ball Hollow Branch Rd Dickey Rd Johnson Rd Paisley Ln State Hwy 166
Barnickle Rd Dickson Marks Rd Johnson Branch Rd Parker Rd State Hwy 273
Bates Hollow Rd Dickson Town Rd Jones Rd Peak Ln State Hwy 7
Baugh Rd Dog Branch Rd Jones Hollow Rd Persimmon Island Rd State Line St
Bee Spring Rd Dollar Hollow Rd Kastel Rd Pete White Rd Storey Rd
Beech Hill Rd Drew Rd Kerr Hill Rd Pigeon Roost Rd Storey Ln
Ben Johnson Rd Driver Chapel Rd Knox Hollow Rd Pisgah Pike Story Ln
Bennett Dr Dry Weakley Rd Krapps Subdivision Rd Pisgah Rd Stovall Rd
Big Dry Creek Rd Dry Weakly Creek Rd Lanier Rd Pisgah Park Strip Mine Rd
Bills Rd Dunavant Ln Lanier Private Ln Pleasant Hill Rd Sugar Tree Rd
Birch Ln East Cave Spring Rd Lawrenceburg Hwy Pleasant Valley Rd Sumac Rd
Black Rd Elkton Pike Leatherwood Creek Rd Powell Rd Tarpley Shop Rd
Bledsoe Rd Elliot Ln Lee Chapman Rd Powell Chapel Rd Tatum Rd
Blooming Grove Rd Englett Rd Lewter Hollow Rd Prospect Rd Thomas Gatlin Dr
Blue Bird Lane Ezell St Liberty Hill Loop Providence Rd Thompson Rd
Bluff St Factory Rd Lipson Rd Puryear Rd TR Sneed Rd
Bonee Rd Fairview Rd Little Dry Creek Rd R Cobb Rd US Hwy 31
Bradley Ln Fields Rd Locke Rd Ragsdale Ln US Hwy 31 Alt
Braly Ln Fleeman Rd Long Rd Ragsdale Rd US Hwy 64
Braly Hollow Rd Fralix Rd Long St Ragsdale Creek Rd Vales Mill Park
Briar Patch Rd Franklin Hayes Rd Long Ave Rambling Ridge Veto Rd
Britton Hollow Rd Fry Rd Lookout Ln. Ray Holt Rd Viewpointe Valley
Brownlow Creek Rd Fry Branch Rd Madison St Red Bud Ln Vinta Mill Rd
Bubb Rd Gardner Rd Magazine Rd Reece Ln Waco Rd
Buchanan Creek Rd Garner Dr Main St Reed Rd Wakefield Pl
Buckner Rd George Rd Martin Hollow Rd Reed Hill Rd Wales Estates Rd
Buford Station Rd George Ingram Rd Mason Carter Hl Reese Ln Walters Rd
Bunker Hill Rd Giles Stevenson Rd Masters Rd Rest Area Ward Rd
Campbellsville Pike Gimlet Creek Rd Maxwell Hill Rd Rhea Branch Rd Waters Smith Rd
Campbellsville Rd Good Hope Rd McCarey Rd Richardson Rd Watson Rd
Campbellsville Hill Rd Grant Rd McKenna’s Pl Riley Hill Rd Weakley Creek Rd
Cardin Rd Green Valley Rd McQuade Ln Rob Rd Weatherford Dr
Carroll Ridge Rd Greenway Rd Meadow Lark Dr Rock Spring Rd Well Hollow Rd
Carter Rd Gunter Ridge Rd Memory Ln Rock Springs Branch Rd West Side Rd
Cates Rd Gunter Smith Rd Miles Rd Rocky Rd Womble Ridge Rd
Cedar Hurst Rd Guthrie Rd Milky Way Dr Rolin Rd Woodard Rd
Chapman Hollow Rd Hamilton Hill Rd Milky Way Rd Rolin Hollow Rd Woodlawn Rd
Cheatham Rd Hams Creek Rd Milkyway Mansion Rd Rose Ln Yant Rd
Chestnut Grove Rd Hanna Ward Bridge Rd Mill St Rose Hill Cemetery Rd Yokley Cemetary Rd
Chicken Creek Rd Hannah Rd Mines Rd Rosehill Rd York Hollow Rd
Childress Rd Happy Hill Rd Minnow Branch Rd Rosson Rd Young Rd
Chirt Pit Rd Hargrove Rd Minor Hill Rd Roy Rd