Grant Update


Phase One Construction

Red = Existing PES Service Locations

Green = Tennessee Emergency Grant Areas as Defined by the State. Most of Phase 1 is in the Photo Below.

Blue = Blue Lines are Mainline/Trunk Fiber. Blue Dots are PES Customer Locations

grant map snippet

Mainline construction (Blue Lines): 30 of 87 Miles in Phase 1 are Complete

Drops (Fiber from Mainline to Outside the Home): 70 of 175 Customers currently signed up are complete. If you did not get on the list but would like to call 363-2522 today. Once we leave the area it could be an extended period of time before we are able to return for future installs.

Installation (Fiber from Outside the Home to Inside the Home): Scheduled to begin Jan 22.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What about the areas outside the grant (green) but along the connecting path (blue lines joining areas of green)? See above photo orange circle for example.

PES will be connecting homes in close proximity to the mainline as we pass with construction. No Grant Funds can or will be utilized to connect these homes. For homes a considerable distance from the mainline contact PES for more information.

  • When does PES expect Phase One to be complete?

Weather permitting:

Mainline construction will be complete the end of February

Drop construction of the first 200 homes will be complete the end of February

Installs of the first 200 homes will be complete by first week of April

Other News:

Beginning Dec 26th PES will be taking signups for customers in Phase 2 (Below in Blue) interested in PES internet service. We will begin reaching out by phone, email or text. Don’t want to wait on us to call you, no problem call now and get on the list. To help maintain costs we will reach out to areas of Phase 2 based on sequence of construction.

Go to PES website and click on the link in the upper right hand of the screen (Fiber Grant Map) then type in your address to find out if you are in the PES grant area and to determine which phase.