PES Energize Celebrates Installing the 250th Customer in the Grant Expansion!

PES Energize began expanding their fiber internet to unserved residents in rural areas in 2023.  This project was made possible by the receipt of a grant from the Tennessee Emergency Broadband Fund, as well as funds from Giles County.  In addition, the PES Power Board approved extending internet service to those customers whose property fell within 1,000’ of the grant area.

The project was divided into four phases, each requiring extensive clearing of right-of-way, replacement of many poles, etc. before fiber could be strung.  Much of this work has been accomplished with the help of numerous contractors.

Installations to homes and businesses are now underway in Phase 1, and we are proud to announce that 250 customers are now experiencing the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience with our affordable, high-speed internet.

Installs will continue in Phase 1 and the waiting list is open for Phase 2 and 3. If you would like to see if you are in the grant area, please click here.