Notice of Data Rate Increase

With a goal of improving the customer experience, long-term financial stability, and competitiveness of its data services, the Pulaski Electric System Board of Directors approved changes to the structure of PES Energize data packages at the February board meeting.

Every year the number of devices connected to the internet per home grows drastically causing some of the package speeds to be inadequate – such as the Residential 5mb package with a 5/1 speed. The restructure will eliminate the Residential 5Mb package and transition those customers to the Data Lite Package. This will increase their data speed from 5/1 to 10/2 as well as result in a monthly savings of $12.10. Other packages will see an increase in speed as well. This will allow homes to better handle the added internet traffic that may be related to COVID such as virtual school and working from home or the new electronics Santa brought such as a new tablet, gaming console, smart home gadgets and etc.

With those things in mind and after extensive market studies, the PES Energize Team restructured the package offerings, adjusting both price and speed. While rate increases are never pleasant or wanted, we hope each customer finds value in the new increased speeds. The increased speeds can and will help with any lags and stalls that some customers experience.

With the new package offerings, we are now able to offer a 1gig service! That’s right – 1 gig. This is a gamer’s dreams! Get ready to play all your games without any lagging or buffering.

Below you will find a complete break down of costs and speeds. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 931-363-2522.