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Data Storage Center Serves Clients Across the Globe

Every business understands the value of their own data. Unfortunately, so do thieves and scammers. And business leaders have come to recognize that sometimes the real catastrophic impact of inclement weather or a fire is not the damage to the building and furnishing or even damage to inventory. For those things, business will eventually settle with insurance coverage to replace them and rebuild. But often the real damage is harder to quantify. It is the loss of onsite data storage. The need to rebuild the customer database, inventory information, payroll and benefits data, board documents, policies and procedures, marketing materials, sales histories, and the list goes on and on. It is the very lifeblood of what will allow your business to recover.


Offsite Data Storage

Offsite Data Storage is one of the services that businesses can purchase from PES Energize. Our secure storage facility was built to withstand an F-5 tornado and offers businesses the security that comes with the highest storage standards and best practices in the industry. Security features include

•    90 ton dual compressor Liebert cooling system
•    Redundant 3-phase primary power (dual feed from separate sub-stations)
•    A and B redundant power to each rack
•    750 KVA Kohler power generator
•    MGE Dual 225 KVA UPS system
•    Key card controlled access
•    External and internal video surveillance
•    FE-25 (HFC-125) fire suppression system

PES Energize Data Storage also undergoes an annual audit to ensure that the facility is in compliance with SAS 70 standards.  The Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70, is a widely recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  The SAS 70 audit  provides an in-depth examination of control objectives and control activities for third-party service providers that hold data, especially financial data, for other organizations.

PES Energize is happy to arrange a tour of the facility so that you can see for yourself the secure housing that is in place to protect your stored data.


Pricing for Data Storage

Pricing for Data Storage for businesses is designed to make it an affordable protection for your business data. The PES Energize Data Storage team is happy to assist you with understanding what you might need for the amount of data and the frequency that you will want to back up your files. We can help you budget, anticipate your future and provide you with peace of mind that your business files are safe and can be retrieved when and if you need access to them.

When you place your server in our data center you are renting space in our hardened facility and reliable electric power for your equipment. The costs for space and power are below:

  • Per Server* Space and Power        $100 per month
  • Half Rack Space and Power           $500 per month
  • Full Rack Space and Power            $800 per month

* Per server space is limited to a 4U rack-mounted server.

You may also purchase bandwidth for your servers through PES Energize, or you may install your own circuit. If you choose to purchase bandwidth from PES Energize, we provide 5Mbps of Business Class Internet access for $75 per month or 10Mbps of Business Class Internet access for $150 per month. If you need constant bandwidth for high-volume traffic, you can purchase committed bandwidth for $100 per Mbps per month.

Installation charges may apply to meet specialized power, data or security requirements.  Also, users of Business Class Internet access may be asked to purchase committed bandwidth if utilization warrants.


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