Financial Disclosures

You're welcome to review the PES financial disclosures.

PES Financial Disclosures Available for Download and Review

As a public utility, you, as a customer and ratepayer, are welcome to review our financial disclosures and audit information. We encourage you to examine this financial disclosure so that you can feel reassured that every payment you make is an investment for the utilities you are using and that the forward-thinking plans reflected in our expenses are made to assure that the utilities remain safe, affordable, dependable and are always in line with the most cost-effective technology we can deliver to your home or business.

Audits and the financial disclosures is a look backward. At PES Energize, the staff and Board of Directors is acutely aware of the need to be able to extend the full range of services to all of our neighbors in Giles County. That means that there are investments that must be made in the growth of the infrastructure to extend cable, phone lines and internet connectivity to everyone in Giles County.

In addition, we have supplied the link to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). As the supplier of our electrical power, we want you to see what we are paying to the TVA and the published financial disclosures they have made for how those funds are spent and invested.