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Gigaspire Router & PES Energize IQ App

PES Energize now offers Gigaspire routers to ensure you are receiving top speeds while protecting your network. Our Gigaspire routers come with an app (PES EnergizeIQ) that allows you to control your network from the palm of your hand!!

PES EnergizeIQ app allows you to:

  • See what devices are connected to your network
  • Change your network name and/or password
  • Parental controls – set time limits for kids on the internet, block sites, etc.
  • Add guest Wi-Fi network
  • Run speed test
  • Protect your network from intrusions

Very reliable service, but even more amazing people! I appreciate PES Energize for all the hard work that they do! They go above and beyond to provide reliable, excellent service to their customers!

Tiffany Hagood

The internet has worked great for me and my large family! The prices are awesome as well!

Erica Yarbrough

PES is the best! Their internet is fast, efficient, & affordable. They are always there to help and get the job done in a timely manner.

Mallory Whitworth