Public Records Access

Public Record Access Complies with State Law

PES and PES Energize operations records are available for public record access in compliance with the Tennessee Public Records laws. The laws provide access to the public to inspect and/or copy public records during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Such requests are honored and considered within the law if the requests do not create undue interference with business operations of PES Energize or cause an undue financial burden to PES Energize and its ratepayers.


PES and PES Energize will allow inspection and/or copying of public records during regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., by any citizen of Tennessee. Public records may not be immediately available for public inspection, and Pulaski Electric will retrieve filed or stored public records as reasonable under the circumstances.

Inspection and/or copying will be permitted under conditions that will prevent alteration or mutilation of the records.

 Any record exempted from disclosure by law is not open to the public for inspection or copying.

Written or Notarized Request

Citizens may request information in person or submit a notarized affirmation.

All requests for access to records must be in writing.

Proper identification will be required.

Cost Reimubrsement

It is the policy of Pulaski Electric to recover, to the extent practical, its actual costs incurred in responding to requests under the Tennessee public records laws, subject to certain limited exceptions. These costs include, but are not limited to, actual costs incurred in retrieving filed or stored records, costs incurred in exhibiting and copying such records, and legal fees, if applicable.

The requesting party is required to deposit $10 with PES Energize at the time the request is made. In the event that the requesting party makes a request that PES Energize expects will result in actual costs in excess of $10, PES will provide the requesting party with an estimate of the actual costs likely to be incurred, and the requesting party will be required to pay the amount of the estimate as a deposit pending the production of the requested records. Upon the production of the requested records, such deposit will be reimbursed to the requesting party, minus PES charges for fulfilling the request.