Schedule of Rules and Regulations

Regulations and rules regarding PES service are outlined below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  1. Application for Service: Each prospective customer desiring electric service from Pulaski Electric System (PES) shall be required to sign an application contract before service will be connected. Services will be established in the name of the legal occupant of the property, i.e., the owner, legal tenant, or a legal guardian if the owner or tenant should be incapacitated. If, under any circumstances, PES discovers that the account holder has applied for electric service for another individual, this is a violation of the Schedule of Rules and Regulations for electric service, and the account is subject to immediate disconnection.
  1. Deposit: A minimum deposit requirement of not less than $200 is required of any residential customer. The minimum deposit amount is based on customer class average. In lieu of a deposit, PES will accept a credit scoring deemed satisfactory and acceptable to PES, obtained from a credit reporting agency selected by PES. If the credit reporting agency provides a green light rating, no deposit is required. If a red light rating is provided, a minimum deposit is required. A residential customer’s deposit will not be higher than twice the highest monthly bill for the rate class. On an annual basis, the simple interest shall accrue at the rate of the local banks on passbook accounts on deposits held longer than twelve months. A customer who has an unpaid account balance with PES must pay the unpaid amount and satisfy deposit requirements in order to obtain service. Upon disconnection of service, PES may apply the deposit plus earned interest to the customer’s outstanding bills and shall refund any remaining balance to the customer. Upon written request by the customer or at the discretion of PES, the deposit, including earned interest, may be evaluated. Commercial deposits will be governed by PES Operating Policy 2-5.
  1. Billing: A connection charge of $35.00 will be posted on the customer’s first monthly bill. Bills will be processed on a monthly basis and must be paid on or before the noted due date. The net amount due is a minimum of 18 days from the date the customer is billed. All customer accounts will show a fixed due-date; however, whenever that due date occurs on a weekend or a PES holiday, customers will be allowed the next working day without incurring penalty charges. Failure to receive bill will not release customer from payment obligation. A penalty of 5% will be added to any bill under $250, and 1% for any balance over $250, that is paid after the due date. Upon request by the customer, PES will make available a customer’s energy consumption data for the prior 12 months’ period.
  1. Disconnection of Service:PES may discontinue electric service for customers for the violation of any of the Schedule of Rules and Regulations, theft of service or the appearance of theft devices on the customer’s premise, safety reasons or to be compliant with any state, city or county regulations that require disconnection for safety reasons and past due accounts. When payment has not been received by the time the next month’s bill is issued, the past-due amount will be printed on the current bill. This notification informs the customer that service is subject to disconnection if payment is not made. This notification also provides a telephone number to call regarding any possible disputes or questions surrounding this delinquent amount. The notification on the current month’s bill will be final notice before electrical service will be disconnected. Payment in full (including late and disconnect fees) will be required before service is restored. Using weather service data from, PES will monitor the weather conditions forecasted as of 8 a.m. PES will postpone disconnection of electrical service for all residential customers due to nonpayment any time the forecasted high for Pulaski is 32 degrees F or lower during the day, below 20 degrees F during the night, or the forecasted high is 95 degrees F or higher during the day. Upon postponement of the service disconnection due to weather conditions, the service will be disconnected at the earlier of the end of the severe weather condition or 10 days from the original scheduled disconnection date. The disconnection of service by PES for any reason stated in this policy does not release the customer from the obligation for any amounts due to PES, including the payment of minimum bills as specified in contracts. A general service customer, who is not required to be under contract, has no past due amounts and who voluntarily terminates service for 30 days or more, will be considered a new customer upon reconnection and required to adhere to all new customer policies.
  1. Medical Exception:Upon approval of a submitted PES’s Medical Hardship Verification form, disconnection of service will be postponed for 10 days from the original scheduled disconnection date. PES will only grant this postponement for disconnection three times in a twelve month period. If full payment of the past due amount, including all late fees and disconnect fees, is not received by the end of the ten-day postponement period, electric service will be disconnected without further notice. The Medical Hardship Verification form will be retained by PES for one year. The customer will be responsible to resubmit for a medical exception every year to verify the medical necessity still exists.
  1. PES Pre-Pay:Customers may select the optional pre-pay service (see pre-pay policy for details). In the event that the pre-pay service option is selected, the following provisions of this Schedule of Rules and Regulations may not apply or may be modified in conformance with the pre-pay policy (OP 2-13): Paragraph 2, Deposits; Paragraph 3, Billing; Paragraph 4, Disconnection of Service; Paragraph 5, Medical Exception.
  1. Right of Access:PES employees must have access to the customer’s premises at all times for the purpose of reading and testing meters, inspecting, repairing and replacing equipment such as poles, power lines, transformers, etc. It is a violation for the customer to have obstructions—such as locked gates, blocked driveways, vicious dogs, or “danger trees” near the power lines— that would make it more difficult or time-consuming for the employees to attend to said equipment. Failure to remove obstacles could result in disconnection.
  1. Meter Tests and Re-reads:PES, at its own expense, performs periodic tests to assure the accuracy of its meters. If a meter test or re-read is requested by a customer, and the results show the read is accurate or the meter tests within 2%, the customer must pay a $25.00 service charge. If the meter was indeed misread, or the meter was inaccurate, there will be no charge and the bill will be adjusted.

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  1. Point of Delivery:All electrical wiring and related equipment beyond the point-of-delivery(typically the weatherhead) must be maintained by the customer. Customers considering “underground service” must meet PES’s specifications and provide the trench and conduit. The meter and meter seals are the property of PES and must not be removed, damaged or tampered with by the customer.
  1. Wiring Standards:PES requires that all electrical wiring meet or exceed the standards set forth in the National Electric Code and the National Electric Safety Code. For the customer’s own safety, power will immediately be disconnected when dangerous wiring has been detected.
  1. Aid-to-Construction:PES requires customers to pay Aid-to-Construction charges for new installations and for upgrades to existing services. Procedures and amounts for these charges are explained in PES operating policy 2-26.
  1. Voltage Fluctuations Caused by Customer:Electric service must not be used in such a manner as to cause an unusual voltage fluctuation on an electrical circuit. If such occurs, it is the customer’s responsibility to install suitable and correcting apparatus.
  1. Additional Load:Customers–especially large commercial/industrial customers–must notify PES of any plans to significantly increase the electrical load at their home or place of business—such as adding a new central heating/cooling system, large electric motors, etc. Otherwise, any damage caused to the System’s equipment (typically the transformer) will be the customer’s responsibility.
  1. Outdoor Lighting Facilities:A $50.00 charge is made to install a security light on an existing pole. If a pole must be installed, the charge will be 100% of PES’s actual labor-and-materials costs, as calculated by the engineering department. Reported outages of a light will only be serviced during regular working hours; otherwise, there will be a charge equal to the actual labor costs if the customer demands the light be serviced at other hours.
  1. Resale of Power:The customer shall not directly or indirectly sell, sublet, assign, or otherwise dispose of the System’s electricity.
  1. Interruption of Service:PES will use all reasonable diligence to provide a regular and uninterrupted supply of current. However, in case the supply of current should be interrupted or disturbed for any cause (most typically weather-related problems), PES is not liable for any disruptions, inconveniences or damages resulting from the interruption.
  1. Shortage of Electricity:In the event of a power-supply emergency causing a shortage of electricity, Pulaski Electric System may restrict usage to homes or places of business for the public good.
  1. Connection of Distributed Generation: Customers must submit an application for interconnection and follow all PES and state rules and regulations before installing any type of distributed generation (solar, wind, etc.) on the PES grid. This applies even if the generation is on the customer’s side of the meter.
  1. Power Quality Degradation Caused by Customer:Electric service must not be used in such a manner as to cause unusual fluctuations or disturbances to PES’s system or to the electric service provided by PES. PES may require Customer, at his own expense, to install suitable apparatus which will reasonably limit such fluctuations or disturbances.
  1. Scope: This Schedule of Rules and Regulations is a part of all contracts for receiving electric service from PES and applies to all service received from PES, whether the service is based upon contract, agreement, signed application or otherwise. A copy of this Schedule of Rules and Regulations together with PES’s Rates and Charges shall be kept open to inspection at the PES office located at 128 S. First St, Pulaski, TN 38478, or found on our website, Furthermore, PES will provide information regarding rates, service practice policies and guidelines to customers via the website. A customer will also receive such information upon application for electric service, and at any time upon request. All retail rate actions initiated by PES will be communicated to the public via the website, PES reserves the right to refuse service to anyone with an outstanding or delinquent account to PES. PES does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, or mental or physical handicap in access to, or operation of, its programs, services and/or activities.
  1. TVA Complaint Resolution Process:In the case of billing disputes or other service issues, the customer is expected to resolve the dispute by notifying and working with PES. If the dispute is not resolved, PES will provide the customer with information regarding TVA’s Complaint Resolution Process. Customers will be informed about the TVA Complaint Resolution Process upon application for service, at any time upon request, and through information provided on PES’s website.

Rules and Regulations are subject to change based upon the policies approved by the Pulaski Power Board.

TVA Complaint Resolution Process – In the case of billing disputes or other service issues, the customer is expected to resolve the dispute by notifying and working with Pulaski Electric System.  If the dispute is not resolved, PES will provide the customer with information regarding TVA’s Complaint Resolution Process.  Customers will be informed about the availability of the TVA Complaint Resolution Process upon application for service, at any time upon request, and through information provided on the PES website ( or other technological means of communication, if available.

PES Rules and Regulations (updated 8/22/17)