PES Energize does not offer cable or streaming services.

Our high-speed internet will support streaming from all providers.


What is Streaming? Streaming video refers to entertainment delivered via the internet rather than a traditional cable TV connection.

What equipment do I need for Streaming?

  • Fast and reliable internet.
  • A streaming device such as:
    • Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or Roku Streaming Stick that is connected to your TV and Wi-Fi.
    • Smart TV that is connected to the internet.
    • a tablet, laptop or smartphone connected to Wi-Fi or data.
  • A subscription to a streaming service or channel such as Netflix, Disney +, YouTubeTV, HBO Max, Hulu, Prime Video, ESPN Plus, etc.

PES Energize has partnered with MyBundleTV to provide you with personalized recommendations for streaming packages. MyBundleTV is a free tool.

What are the benefits of streaming video?



  • Cost Savings.  One of the main reasons people switch to TV streaming is to cut costs. Many free streaming channels are available such as Peacock, Pluto TV, Crackle and Tubi. Netflix is less than $20 per month. Disney+ is a highly rated service for family-friendly content and is less than $10 per month. Services with a channel lineup similar traditional TV includes YouTube Live, Hulu Live and Sling. These services are generally $20-$30 less per month than similar offerings from cable TV providers.
  • Convenience.  Streaming lets you enjoy the services and/or channels you subscribe to in multiple places and on multiple devices. Unlike traditional TV, with most subscription streaming services you can start a movie on your Smart TV at home – continue watching it on your smartphone while working out at the gym, and then finish it on your table out on your patio.
  • Skip the commercials.  Many of the most popular subscription streaming services allows to you watch your favorite show whenever you want and completely commercial free!